Damage, Dream Interpretation

Revealed in order to lessen or avert

Damage from a spiritual perspective can be very subtle, so to dream of an article, which is damaged, suggests some kind of difficulty or misperception.

A chipped vase, for instance, might signify a difficulty in perceiving the feminine correctly.

Psychological / emotional perspective: To be damaging an object in dreams suggests a strong sense of perhaps misplaced aggression. Other images in your dream should help to clarify the interpretation.

Material aspects: If we dream of damaged articles it may be worthwhile exploring our self-esteem in waking life.

A broken bone may suggest we need to look at the way we create structure in our lives, whereas a damaged door might signify a lack of self-respect.

Gives gender - specific: Damage to the self, as in self-harm, in both men’s and women’s dreams, signifies a lack of self-appreciation.

For a man, losing a limb highlights his sense of emasculation, whereas cutting into the flesh, particularly for a woman, signifies a release from pain.

If one suffers a damage in a dream, it means dismay, horror, a scare, a shock or a menace. Complaining about a damage or a loss one suffers in a dream means attaining one’s goal in wakefulness.

1. In need of work or repairs, usually on aspects of self or personality.

2. Feelings of loss, violation (inflicted damage).

3. A need to make amends for regrettable words or deeds.

Damage | Dream Meanings

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: “Pain is often the best teacher.” Learn from your experiences and put them to good use in the future. Maybe a past “mistake” will help you to find a solution for a present problem! See Pain.... Dreamers Dictionary

New American Dream Dictionary

1. One is working with tools, ideas or people that are inferior.

2. Frustration in thinking that goals will be difficult or impossible to attain. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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