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vu Many dreamers say they find a connection between a place they dream of—especially a house—and a place they later see while awake. Most of these descriptions appear to be attempts to find connections obvious to no one but the dreamer.

A strong desire to have the inner world connect with the real world seems to be the motivation. This may be through a need for human life to have meaning and connec­tion with a wider, invisible, life.

The evidence of thousands of dreams suggests that searching for meaning in this direction is misplaced. Meaning arises from a love or acceptance of the many aspects of oneself, and thus the expansion of awareness into what was unconscious. While there may be valid cases of dcjd vu, they are rare.

Deja | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

When one has peace of mind that the situation is resolved, there will be no need for déjà vu... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

1. A message is trying to get through (repeat of a previous dream or recurring dreams).

2. A repetition of dream themes revolving around unresolved issues. ... New American Dream Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of having deja vu, you’ve probably had the dream before. Study the dream’s symbols carefully because your unconscious mind is trying to send you a message.... My Dream Interpretation
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