Dentist, Dream Interpretation

Depends on your relationship with dentists. Fear of being hurt; the courage and ability to deal with painful areas of experience; father’s distressing sexual attentions—or rape feelings; need for care of what comes out of our mouth, such as things we say, opinions, criticism.

A dentist repairs the teeth and thus may remark on the need to drill to the root of a problem that is causing you to lose power in your life. He or she may come to help you with the issue of communicating more concise information or becoming a more effective communicator.

A dentist may also arrive with the literal message to take better care of your teeth.

Symbolic of the need to work on your choice of words, Prov. 16:24, 27 NLT

An authoritative figure used to help correct one’s words

Dreaming of a dentist, since the emphasis is on the mouth, may signify that we are having difficulty in articulating our own spiritual truth – that in which we believe.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Because of its association with pain, a visit to the dentist in dreams may highlight fears or hurt that we have hidden.

A dentist may signify that a particular type of healing is appropriate, such as the removal of ‘decaying’ information.

Material aspects: In everyday life the development of teeth is thought to be a step towards speech and, therefore, correct communication.

A dentist in dreams suggests that a degree of care is needed in what we are saying to others.

To dream about being at a dentist’s office suggests that there is occasional concern about the honesty of someone close to you. You may sense that something’s not quite right with them, but in the long term, this concern will benefit you.

To dream that someone else is being worked on by a dentist indicates that impropriety will surprise you, especially when it strikes close to home.

To dream you are at the dentist means that you will have a sudden change of fortune.

To have a tooth extracted means you will meet a new love.

A stressful situation. Is there a reason for you to dream about aching teeth? Fear of illness and pain.

Astrology: A symbol of Saturn.

If you dream of being at the dentist, you doubt the sincerity and honor of some person.

A dream of illness.

1. A need for help with expressing oneself, usually after a hard time.

2. Anxiety, fear of pain.

3. Betrayal, possibly of a good friend.

4. Possible dental health concerns.

To dream of a dentist usually indicates a fear complex, a distrust in someone, man or woman, who may appear to be honorable but is, in reality, the opposite.

Dreams of a dentist symbolize that there is an incomplete communication between you and an associate, friend or lover. Your subconscious mind is prompting you to forgive, make amends, and/or cultivate a healthier and more effective way of communicating. See Teeth.

To dream of a dentist working on your teeth, denotes that you will have occasion to doubt the sincerity and honor of some person with whom you have dealings.

To see him at work on a young woman’s teeth, denotes that you will soon be shocked by a scandal in circles near you.

If you dream of having dental work done, you may expect a letter that will give you cause for worry.

If the dream includes having a tooth drawn, the omen is of a loss of money.

Dentist | Dream Interpretation

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Looking at healthy teeth: you are struggling with a certain issue, but success is guaranteed. Teeth falling out: losses are imminent. Loose teeth: you are afraid of losing things or people who you thought were your “property.’’ Looking at the teeth of others: friends or relatives are in a dangerous situation or are aggressive. Going to a dentist: you are in need of professional advice.

A tooth has to be pulled: miscalculations on your part are the reason for losses in the near future. You have a toothache: a huge expense is creating havoc in your bank account.

A tooth needs to be filled: you made a mistake when trying to solve a problem. Wearing false teeth: pseudo- success is all you will get unless you change your arrogant (hypocritical) attitude. Other people pulling teeth: you want to profit from someone else’s misfortune.

Depth Psychology: A woman dreaming about losing her teeth means she is afraid of losing the man she loves. In the case of a man, it means fear of becoming impotent. Teeth are a symbol of either sexual prowess or material goals. Has someone “bared his teeth”? Have remarks you have made been “biting”? People who have a hard time getting through life often dream about teeth! Dreaming about a dentist means that you are afraid that someone is going to hurt you, or that you are hoping that someone is coming to help you in a difficult situation.... Dreamers Dictionary

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