A derelict building or person signifies a lack of hope, a ‘lost sheep’.

Psychological / emotional perspective: Since hope and faith are two prime motivators, anything that appears derelict suggests that we have lost the ability to move away from difficult circumstances.

Material aspects: When the energy has gone from a project or, for instance, a relationship, and it has lost focus, we may dream of dereliction. This is when there is no hope of re-energizing the project or relationship.

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Dream Explanations of Astro Center

A busy, fruitful, and prosperous farm is a sign of abundance ahead, while a derelict, barren, and decrepit farm implies the need to work hard to avoid a rocky financial road ahead. Seeing lots of farm animals enjoying life reflects a coming period where you’ll be meeting a lot of new people who’ll be of great assistance to you.... Dream Explanations of Astro Center

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To see your mother in dreams as she appears in the home, signifies pleasing results from any enterprise.

To hold her in conversation, you will soon have good news from interests you are anxious over.

For a woman to dream of mother, signifies pleasant duties and connubial bliss.

To see one’s mother emaciated or dead, foretells sadness caused by death or dishonor.

To hear your mother call you, denotes that you are derelict in your duties, and that you are pursuing the wrong course in business.

To hear her cry as if in pain, omens her illness, or some affliction is menacing you. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of a servant, is a sign that you will be fortunate, despite gloomy appearances. Anger is likely to precipitate you into useless worries and quarrels.

To discharge one, foretells regrets and losses.

To quarrel with one in your dream, indicates that you will, upon waking, have real cause for censuring some one who is derelict in duty.

To be robbed by one, shows that you have some one near you, who does not respect the laws of ownership. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

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