That which is designated in a dream is literal, but the timing may be elusive

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

A chin in a dream represents one’s beauty, wealth, a supporting father, a helping son, a servant, an honorable position or a respected status designated uniquely for such a person. Seeing one’s chin in a dream also means properly satisfying one’s ritual ablution or perhaps it could represent the foundation of one’s house. (Also see Jaws)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dreamers Dictionary

Yf: Seeing a coat of arms: look through old things, you will find a keepsake. Looking at a magnificent coat of arms: too much ambition can hurt and will make you unpopular. Dreaming about a stained coat of arms: you did something of which you are really ashamed.

Depth Psychology: The coat of arms is a symbol of your character and personality. It is a sign of what you have already achieved or want to try to achieve (if the coat of arms is beautifid). Seeing a coat of arms designated in the dream as belonging to your own family: if the coat of arms has the figure of an animal, look under the respective entry (for instance, see Eagle). See Name.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Formerly, quick was used to designate full of life and it is this meaning that can be used from a spiritual perspective.... Dream Meanings of Versatile
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