Work; authority; discipline.

A desk as a piece of furniture comments that your ideas are at work and on work.

An oak desk might mean that your ideas about work are solid and strong. Having a desk in the bedroom may comment that your concerns about work are inter- fenng with your intimate relationship or with your sleep.

A symbol of authority or an official office within the body of Christ, 1 Cor. 12:28.

If the desk is a student’s desk it symbolizes a time of learning


See altar and table

If the desk is cluttered, you need to reorganize things in your life and get a system of priorities.

If the desk is bare, you should look for new interests, new hobbies. See also Writing Desk.

To dream of sitting at a desk forecasts a disappointment, either related to work, love or social affairs.

If you dream of opening or cleaning out an old-fashioned desk, you will meet new friends.

To dream of a cluttered or messy desk is a positive omen. You will soon bring a certain troubling situation to an orderly conclusion.

This dream depends upon whether the Desk is locked or open.

If locked, then you may expect bad news; but if you are sitting at an open Desk, then all will go well.

1. Emotions are hard at work on an aspect of self or personal­ity, or possibly a situation.

2. Possible disappointment or bad luck in business matters.

3. Self-importance or self-esteem (note condition of desk).

A dream in which there is a desk signifies discipline, authority, your dedication to your career and/or that you are processing data that took place at work.

If your desk is overcrowded with papers and files, then your dream is telling you it is important for you to become more organized.

If there is nothing on your desk, then this dream represents that perhaps you are too rigid and organized and it’s time for you to take some creative risks. See Business, Work and Processing Dreams.

also see Table

If the desk we are dreaming about is an old one, such as our old school desk or an antique one we perhaps should be returning to old values, habits or disciplines.

If it is a work or office desk we may need to consider the way in which we are carrying out our everyday life.

To dream of being at someone else’s desk could indicate a lack of confidence in our own abilities.

Daily ritual and discipline can be relevant spiritual practices in our everyday lives (see Altar).

To be using a desk in a dream, denotes unforeseen ill luck will rise before you.

To see money on your desk, brings you unexpected extrication from private difficulties.

Working at a desk in a dream presages irritating family concerns.

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Expansions Dream Dictionary

Idea.... Expansions Dream Dictionary

Little Giant Encyclopedia

See Furniture. Vitality.

The symbol of matter as well as Earth (world). Ancient Egyptian dream interpretation states that a table is an indication of the arrival of guests, and that they must be entertained lavishly.

According to Freud (as well as the Talmud), it is a symbol for the body of women.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Something to be learned. ... Expansions Dream Dictionary

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

To be sitting at a writing desk signifies that your words will carry a lot of weight; what you say will have an effect on many people. See also Desk.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary
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