Dessert, Dream Interpretation

To dream about a delectable dessert means that you are experiencing the benefits of satisfaction, fulfillment, or desire. You are taking pleasure in the positive events in life.

To dream of eating a delicious dessert means you will be rewarded for a job well done.

It is always a very fortunate omen to dream that you are eating ripe fruit.

If the fruit, however, is not ripe, or has been kept too long, expect business losses.

Dreams of dessert represent celebration, festivities, and reward for hard work or accomplishment. Consider whether you were able to savor the flavor of your just desserts, or if you were too preoccupied with guilt to truly enjoy it.

To dream of eating a rich dessert indicates that you will enjoy some luxury that formerly you have had to go without.

Dessert | Dream Meanings

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Vision: Eating chocolate-covered desserts means you love to exaggerate. Your imagination is running away with you! See Chocolate.... Dreamers Dictionary
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