Depth Psychology: Dreaming about destruction reflects dashed hopes, withered emotions, or loss of convictions. Sometimes the dream refers to negative influences (from people , work, or home) that could destroy you.

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(Admonition; Cave in; Earthquake; Harvest; Violation) In a dream, destruction means dispersion of people, or it could mean death. Destruction in a dream also means the leveling of a town or the death of its ruler or it could represent absence of justice. Experiencing destruction in a dream means sufferingfrom the persecution of people one cannot bear. Seeing a city destroyed by an earthquake in a dream represents the carrying of a death sentence for someone there, or it could mean violation of people’s rights or freedom in that town.

If one sees an entire town being destroyed with its urban area, factories and fields in a dream, it means that the people of that town have gone astray, or that its leaders are struck with calamities. On the other hand, if one sees it flourishing in a dream, then it reflects the spiritual awareness and religious devotion of its people. (Also see Collapsing walls; Cloud of destruction)

Dreams about destruction can be straight-forward anxiety dreams, caused by viewing real life stories of destruction on the news. This dream can also be a symbol that you are in danger of losing some piece of property that has meaning for you.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Destruction; Disaster; Tornado) Seeing a tornado or a cloud of destruction in a dream is a sign of punishment for disobeying God’s command. Seeing a tornado in a dream also could mean money, a wife, or a servant.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

If a person sees his weapon as stolen or snatched from him or broken or ruined it denotes the weakening of his power and strength.

The same is the case. Where the weapon is given away as a gift or sold or thrown away or loaned to someone.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Strangest Dream Explanations

Nightmares about weapons of mass destruction represent that you are venting out your fear of death, destruction, ego-obliteration and grand scale annihilation. See War and Venting Dreams.... Strangest Dream Explanations
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