Diabetes, Dream Interpretation

As a disease caused by a lack of insulin in the body or insulin resistance, diabetes may represent your inability to process and absorb the sweetness of ife. It may indicate that you have failed to see or express joy. Diabetes in a dream may also come as a warning sign of the onset of diabetes in real life and, like any other disease that may appear in a dream, should be taken a$ a serious message to seek medical advice.

Caused by excessively indulging in pleasure, if figurative; if literal, it can be confirmed by a physician; either are warnings

Diabetes | Dream Meanings

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Used to balance and control undisciplined indulgence; see “diabetes”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dreamers Dictionary

Yellow is a happy, encouraging color. In spite of its gentleness, however, it can easily slide into unpleasantness, because only the slightest addition can quickly make it look dirty, unattractive, greenish, or caustic. Yellow is the color of intuition, premonitions, and perceptions, however much it is easily irritated.

A warm yellow is the color of the radiant energy of the sun, enlightening and wanning at the same time.

Color Therapy: Yellow is a good color in cases of digestive problems, liver and gallbladder problems, diabetes, food allergies, low blood sugar, too much sexual energy, muscle tension and spasms, asthma, and depression.

Depth Psychology: Yellow is a symbol of your optimism, sunny disposition, the light, joy spirit, and your interest in new things. But it is also irritation, envy, extroversion, extreme motivation, and activity.... Dreamers Dictionary

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