Who in your life is the director.7 Do you feel your life is determined by outside circumstances? In the last analysis, such a dream image points to inner strengths and weaknesses of the ego, which usually directs the course of life. See Government.

Dreams of a director symbolize that you are experiencing uncertainty about where you are going in life and you are connecting to the aspect of you that sees the big picture that has a sense of order, of what you should do, where things should go, and the way your life movie should be played.

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Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a design symbolize that you are becoming aware of the divine design for your life. Just as there is a pattern of the oak tree within the acorn, this dream is about your ability to connect with the pattern and design of your life. This dream is also is a message for you to realize the power of your mind to create your life the way you desire it to be. See Director.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Strangest Dream Explanations

This dream may be showing you that at every crossroads you are at choice; you have the ability to choose to be in bondage or to set yourself free. There is no one else to blame for any circumstance because you are responsible for your life, for every situation and outcome. Besides being the lead actor, you are the director and writer of your life/movie. This is a sign that if you don’t like the way you life is going, you have the power to change it.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Little Giant Encyclopedia

On one hand, the image has the same meaning as Director. But attitudes toward authority are also implied. Do you want to control and govern your environment, or do you feel that you are controlled by it.7 See Ruler.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a theatrical play represent your desire to present yourself to the world, to take your thoughts and feelings from behind the scenes of your mind and heart and display them in the spotlight of center stage.

If you dream of acting in a play or watching a theatrical production, then this represents objectivity in your ability to witness the roles you play in life. This dream may be reminding you that you are the writer, director and star of this show, so if you don’t like the direction that the play is headed, then you have the power to change it.

If you dream of playing, as in a child at a park, then this represents that you are in touch with your creativity, freedom, and unique expression.

If someone is playing a game, such as chess or checkers, then you are becoming aware of the aspect of you that can be strategic and manipulative in your desire to win. Consider the feeling tone of this dream. See Stage and Script.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of William Shakespeare or of Shakespearian language represent poetry, romance, tragedy or comedy. Your dream is giving you the message that all the world’s a stage, which means to remember that whether you are sleeping or awake, you are in a dream theatre, and you are the director, actor and writer of your play. See Play.... Strangest Dream Explanations

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