Many discoveries are revealed first in a dream

To dream of a discovery indicates that you could be coming into a new aspect of your interpersonal evolution. *Please See Find.

Something new or something you forgot is awaiting you. What has been discovered.7 These are always personal, often unknown, qualities.

1. Start of a new phase of life or situation.

2. Seeking credit for something accomplished.

Dreams of making a discovery symbolize that you are opening to new regions of yourself. You are going beyond where you’ve been before, taking risks and learning something new. See Breakthrough.

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Dreaming about finding or discovering something means either the loss of money or of valuable objects.

Depth Psychology: This dream indicates that yours is a resdess, questioning, searching human mind. Dreaming about a discovery often means far-reaching changes in your life. It might also indicate that your views and vour actions are too theoretical or idealistic. See Uranus. Finding or discovering something is a warning—don’t rely too much on good luck.... Dreamers Dictionary

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