A dirty dish can symbolize hypocrisy and sin, Matt. 23:25. Clean dishes signify good and proper living

See China Dishes.

(See Crockery). Clean dishes, neatly arranged on sbeives or tables, are lucky to dream about, especially for a maiden in love.

Soiled or broken dishes predict misfortune in affairs of the heart.

(See Crockery). Good luck may be confidently expected from a dream of having clean and well arranged dishes.

The luck will bold in both financial and personal matters.

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Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Personal property will be stolen.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of dishes full of food, symbolizes good fortune.

If the dishes are empty but very beautiful, they predict luck in love affairs.

If they are empty and dull, they symbolize a boring period of your life. Broken, damaged, or dirty dishes foretell family quarrels or domestic problems.

To dream that you are washing dishes, suggests that you are moving on and planning for the next thing that comes your way. Also see “Dish Cloth” and “Dishwasher”, below.... My Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Domesticity. Broken china is commonly considered bad luck (in contrast to broken Glass).... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Mystic Dream Book

Discovery of secrets or domestic jars.... Mystic Dream Book
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