1. Loss, feeling out of touch with life.

2. Use caution in business or social affairs.

3. Reverse: good fortune is on the way, changes for the better.

Dreams of being disinherited symbolize that you are in a spiritual crisis, venting out and processing your fear of being cast out of your circle of life, cut off without means of support. This dream is a reminder for you to become -sufficient and to cultivate your spiritual connection to the one life and one source that never runs out and could never cut you off.

To dream that you are disinherited, warns you to look well to your business and social standing.

For a young man to dream of losing his inheritance by disobedience, warns him that he will find favor in the eyes of his parents by contracting a suitable marriage.

For a woman, this dream is a warning to be careful of her conduct, lest she meet with unfavorable fortune.

A young man may expect through this dream of being disinherited that his family will approve of the girl with whom he is in love.

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