Dispute, Dream Interpretation

(Controversy; Quarrel) If one sees himself quarreling with someone in a dream, it means that he will suffer extreme pressure, stress and sorrow. Ifone is engaged in a dispute in a dream, it means that he is wrong and must rectify the situation and make peace with the other person. Ifhe does so, it means that he will win what his heart desires.

1. Use caution to avoid an extreme loss of temper; try lis­tening carefully to others.

2. Reverse: happiness.

3. An expression of internal conflict, confusion.

See Fight.

To dream of holding disputes over trifles, indicates bad health and unfairness in judging others.

To dream of disputing with learned people, shows that you have some latent ability, but are a little sluggish in developing it.

Dispute | Dream Interpretation

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The Complete Dream Book

This dream portends that you will overcome the obstacles that seem to be hindering your progress.... The Complete Dream Book

Mystic Dream Book

A dream of contrary, it signifies success, but there will be obstacles in the way at first.... Mystic Dream Book
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