(Anxiety; Agony; Grieve; Uptight; Worries) Distress in a dream signifies atonement for one’s sins and restitution of his human dignity.

To experience distress in a dream also signifies regret for something wrong one has committed.

If one’s distress dissipates, and if he is relieved from its burden in his dream, it means repentance from his wrongdoing. In a dream, distress and sorrow mean being in love or suffering from one’s devotion to his beloved. (Also see Uptight; Worries)

Another omen of contrary. It is a good sign if you dream that you are in Distress, or in trouble of any sort.

1. Difficulties are not as bad as originally thought.

2. A feel­ing that good fortune is in the offing.

3. Feelings of great grief or sadness, foreboding.

A dream that points toward success in an undertaking that has appeared to be hopeless.

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Vision: Dreaming about being in distress: expect a happy ev ent to take place. Helping other in distress: be assured that help for you is on the way.

If you are indifferent to the affliction of others, expect great misfortune to knock on your door.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about being in a serious, distressing situation is usually a sign that you are facing problems in real life. It also is a symbol of your own Tighrfistedness, which you need to remedy.

The emergency is an urgent warning to get out of a real-life situation immediately if serious losses are to be prevented!... Dreamers Dictionary

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Revealed to lessen or avert the distressful situation... Dream Dictionary Unlimited
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