A desolate place of rejection

Deceit; trouble. Be cautious.

To fall into a ditch is a warning of coming injury.

If you dream about a ditch, there is something in your waking life that you need to avoid. This dream could also mean you want to avoid responsibilities because you are feeling pressured.

If you dream of falling into a ditch, you may be headed for a mistake in real life.

All obstacles of a material kind are bad signs—beware of uncxpccted difficulties, especially in money matters.

1. Need to avoid a situation or person.

2. Stagnant or unpro­cessed emotions (poor drainage, pooled water).

To fall in a ditch portends loss of virtue, integrity, even position, for the dreamer.

To jump over the ditch, the dreamer narrowly escapes public condemnation or disgrace.

Dreams of a ditch symbolize that you are in the midst of a difficult challenge. Being stuck in a ditch, represents a lack of foresight, and that you are learning from your mistakes. See Quicksand.

To dream of falling in a ditch, denotes degradation and personal loss; but if you jump over it, you will live down any suspicion of wrong-doing.

If you jump over a ditch, the dream is a good sign, it is a presage of escaping danger of some sort.

Ditch | The Dream Meanings

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Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Standing in front of a hole in the ground: think again carefully about your plans—it might prevent you from making mistakes. Trying to jump over a ditch or falling in: this is about the worst time for business speculanon and for spending money. Digging a hole and hoping a certain person will fall in: don’t underestimate the intelligence of this person— he/she will sense what you are up to.

Depth Psychology: The ditch might be a trap someone has put in your path; or you may want to set a trap for someone. It points to past experiences and bad memories. Have you tried to “bun ~ some of your character traits—hiding them from yourself or others? Did you “dig your own hole”?... Dreamers Dictionary

My Dream Interpretation

To dream of ditching/skipping school may indicate that you have skipped something important or avoided your responsibilities - have you done the right thing in a situation?... My Dream Interpretation
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