Dizziness, Dream Interpretation

Vision: Dreaming about being dizzy: you are unsure of what action to take.

Depth Psychology: You are afraid of losing control, because you are overwhelmed by demands and responsibilities. Sometimes the dream is a sign of actual physical problems that should be checked out. See Balance.

See “Dizzy”, below.

An unhoped-for success, probably an engagement.

1. Disorientation in life, need of direction.

2. A lot of toil with little result.

Dizziness | Dream Interpretation

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The Fabric of Dream

To see one, successful undertakings, probably a change; to cross one, work and anxiety in store; a broken bridge, fear and trouble and a warning to take no steps on an unknown road; to fall from a bridge denotes brain trouble (Artemidorus). These interpretations are distinctly traceable to the subconsciousness.

The symbolism of a bridge spanning water is obviously the subconscious hope of success. ‘Do not cross a bridge,” etc., is the proverb justifying the anticipation of work in store for the dreamer who crosses a bridge in his sleep.

The broken bridge bears its own significance, based upon the subconsciousness that warns the dreamer, while the fall from a bridge is a physical dream stimulated by dizziness, vertigo, etc.... The Fabric of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Dreaming you have fainted means a “dizzying” love affair ahead.

The dream may also be a warning of personal loss and failings. Someone else is fainting: you will be asked for help.

If it is money, be very careful.

Depth Psychology: Fainting is a sign of helpless feelings toward another person, but also that you are temporarily freed from your responsibilities. See Dizziness. Frequent dreams of fainting might also be a sign of poor blood circulation in the brain during the night.... Dreamers Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing a merry-go-round: a warning that you are about to do something foolish. Acting without thinking might get you in real trouble.

Depth Psychology: A merry-go-round is a warning not to be foolish and careless. It also might refer to an actual ear problem (possibly impaired balance).

If these dreams appear frequendy, see a specialist. See Dizziness.... Dreamers Dictionary

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