Dock, Dream Interpretation

A place where people can visit for spiritual help in their time of need, i.E.

A loving, charitable home; a mission; see “water”

See Port.

Groundedness, security, as in Anchor and Buoy. Being at home, coming home, as in Parents’ House, Family.

To dream of being alone on a dock suggests sadness. You have the blues about something.

If others are on the dock with you, you need to strengthen your friendships.

To dream of seeing a dock from on board a ship portends a surprising and positive turn of events.

To dream of a broken dock suggests that you are worried that a friendship or family relationship has suffered serious damage.

1. Feelings of loneliness, loss and possibly grief which require attention (alone on the dock).

2. Financial success (to stand on a busy dock).

3. Use extreme caution in love affairs.

Dreams of a dock symbolize a transition space between your conscious and unconscious, and the mundane and the mystical where the veil between worlds is thin. Perhaps you are coming back to shore to rest and incorporate what you’ve learned from your voyage into the deep end of your emotional ocean. See Bridge.

Dock | Dream Interpretation

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Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of being on docks, denotes that you are about to make an unpropitious journey. Accidents will threaten you.

If you are there, wandering alone, and darkness overtakes you, you will meet with deadly enemies, but if the sun be shining, you will escape threatening dangers. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Mystic Dream Book

Dreaming of fish is generally fortunate.... Mystic Dream Book

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Arriving at a loading dock in a dream may represent needing to retrieve the fruits of your labors or the cash from a large sale. It might also represent needing to unload some heavy burden from your shoulders.

A loading dock may deliver the goods on someone you mistrust.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

Mystic Dream Book

Do not speculate or you will most likely lose; news of an engagement will surprise you.... Mystic Dream Book

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Symbolizes a home or focal point.

If you dream of arriving at a dock, you will be going home.

To see a ship steam into port similarly indicates that you will be going home, or to the place where you feel most comfortable.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Encyclopedia of Dreams

If you dream that you are standing on a quay and see huge ships being unloaded then you will take a long ocean voyage.

If you speak with the workmen then will you find disappointments in your love life or your home. Many ships moored at the quay means your wishes will be fulfilled.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

Mystic Dream Book

Shipping is not a fortunate sign as a rule, so it is far better for you if you dream that you view if from a Dock or from the shore.... Mystic Dream Book
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