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Example: ‘She continues to attack him and, to my horror and feeling of helplessness, his head comes off. But the neck is made of some son of material with a string hanging off it, and I realise it is a doll’s head* (Mr RH). Many ‘doll’ dreams are, as the example, using the doll as a target for violence. This may refer to how the dreamer felt as a child when smacked or attacked emotionally—like a helpless doll. Also, in general, childhood states of feeling about ourself, a means of displacement for anger or feelings the dreamer would like to discharge on another, a feeling of wanting to be a precious ‘doll’ to someone, wanting to be loved. See also toy.

A doll as an outstanding symbol in a dream may be offered to stimulate a childhood memory about the style of mothering you received. It may comment that a woman is a doll, as in very attractive. It also may denote fragility.

A person’s material creation, i.E.

A songwriter’s song, an author’s book, etc.; Research details

The doll can be a representation of the soul of a particular person who can be helped, or harmed, by sympathetic magic or witchcraft.

The puppet, far from being malign, is a doll that is fashioned for a particular purpose. In dreams it serves as a focus of energy.

Psychological / emotional perspective: We tend to learn through play, and for a doll to appear in a dream usually indicates the need to relearn some childhood lessons that we have forgotten.

A puppet rather than a poppet can suggest that we are being manipulated.

Material aspects: A doll can depict either how we felt as a child, or a need for comfort. It may also express an undeveloped part of our personality. Consult the entry for puppet for additional information.

Vision: Women who see a doll want a child of their own. When men see a doll, it means they want to have an affair, which will happen, even if nothing much comes of it.

Depth Psychology: The dream expresses your deep affection for someone, and a need for tenderness.

To dream of seeing or playing with a doll could mean that someone is being dishonest with you in real life.

To dream about a talking doll - or a doll that comes to life - symbolizes your desire to be someone else and escape from your present problems and responsibilities. Dolls in dreams may also serve as a means to act out your wishes, and say/do things you are not comfortable saying/doing.

1. Escapism, to remove oneself from a situation (childhood fantasies).

2. Idyllic home life, great happiness.

3. Rehearsal for an adult stage of life.

4. Stand-in for the dreamer or another in­dividual, their personality traits or behaviors.

A child’s dream of a doll indicates loneliness.

For a grown-up it is a retrogression of the subconscious to be protected.

Dreaming of this pretend baby represents budding maternal instincts and desires. This could also be about idealizing someone or yourself. You are attempting to live up to an impossible standard of perfection. See Stepford Wife.

1- A doll can dcpict either how the dreamer felt as a child, or a need for comfort. It may also express an undeveloped part of the dreamer’s personality.

2- We tend to learn through play, and for a doll to appear in a dream usuallv indicates the need to relearn some childhood lessons which we have forgotten.

3- The doll can be a representation of the soul of a particular person who can be helped, or harmed, by sympathetic magic or witchcraft.

Dolls in dreams are lifeless images of real people. They are suggestive of a person that is not genuine and does not express her feelings. Most dreams are about our personal issues and concerns and not about others. Therefore, think about yourself and try to see if you have been behaving in such ways that have been less than “real.” Dolls as a dream symbol may represent the way you relate and interact with your internal and external environments.

If feelings of detachment and phoniness prevail in your daily life, then they may be reflected in this dream.

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Encyclopedia of Dreams

Dolls represent childhood to women, and ‘dolls’, represent women to men.

To get the most accurate interpretation possible about a doll dream you must study the dream as a whole, but, generally speaking, the doll in your dream is a probable omen of the wish to be young again, or to meet someone exciting, (for the male).

If your doll comes to life, you are expressing in your dream state the wish to be different, and blameless for your actions. This dream takes meditation for clarity.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

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To diream of Dolls is a sign of domestic happiness.... Mystic Dream Book

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İndicates a need for help in carrying a heavy load... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

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