Beware of any form of investment presented to you.

To dream that you are playing dominoes suggests that you will be/are being drawn into indiscreet activities with the opposite sex, and this is causing a lot of stress and worry for your friends and/or your family.

1. Use caution with any kind of speculation or risky af­fairs.

2. Problems and situations grow to feel overwhelming and a desire for help evolves, often emotional (as in the “domino ef­fect”).

3. Troubles will be overcome, more so if the dreamer wins the game.

If a dreamer wins at a game of dominoes, it augurs a desire for adulation that results in selfish expenditures.

If you are the loser, it forebodes moral indiscretions that cause painful embarrassment to those you love.

To dream of playing at dominoes, and lose, you will be affronted by a friend, and much uneasiness for your safety will be entertained by your people, as you will not be discreet in your affairs with women or other matters that engage your attention.

If you are the winner of the game, it foretells that you will be much courted and admired by certain dissolute characters, bringing you selfish pleasures, but much distress to your relatives.

Playing at dominoes in a dream presages the visit to your home of a person you do not like, but to whom you must be pleasant.

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