To dream that you are in a dormitory suggests the level to which you consider wisdom and education in your life. You could feel that you learn in every aspect of life.

If you are residing in a dormitory at present, then you may simply be dreaming about your current situation.

To dream that you are in a dormitory (a dorm room) represents the value you place on knowledge and education. You believe that you are always learning and not just in the classroom.

If you are currently a college student who live in a dormitory, then dreams set in a dorm room may just be a reflection of your current surroundings and holds similar meaning as a bedroom (look up the word Bedroom for more details).

1. The unconscious mind.

2. Intellect, knowledge.

3. The collective unconscious or social currents.

Dreams of a dormitory represent that you are dealing with a lack of privacy, continuous disruptions, and a party atmosphere. You are growing into the responsibility of being able to fully own your space and take control of your life.

Dormitory | The Dream Meanings

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