Dream Interpreter, Dream Interpretation

In a dream, a dream interpreter represents happiness for a sad person and sorrow for a happy person.

If one who desires to maintain secrecy around his life and goals sees a dream interpreter in his dream, it means that he will find an intimate friend or a confidant to complete his intention.

If one is expecting news from an associate or if someone in a different land sees a dream interpreter in his dream, it means that he will receive the desired news.Adream interpreter in a dream also represents knowledge of sings, deciphering messages, analyzing substances, a tracer, a religious scholar, a lawyer, a good advisor, a compassionate friend, ajudge or a physician.

A dream interpreter in a dream also represents someone who does not keep a secret or someone who brings people both happy or sad news. In a dream, he is also a preacher, an advisor, one who balances things, a money changer, a garment cleaner, an undertaker, a barber, a comedian, a news broadcaster or someone who searches for people’s faults. Seeing oneself as a dream interpreter in a dream, and if one qualifies to sit on the bench, it means that he will become ajudge.lfhe is seeking knowledge, he will acquire it.

If he is seeking to become a physician, he will become one. Otherwise, he might become a money changer, a banker or any of the earlier mentioned trades. Telling a dream interpreted a dream in one’s dream, and if the explanation agrees with the common wisdom and religious norms of the Holy Qur’an and the traditions of God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, then whatever one is told in his dream is true. Ifone does not understand the explanation of the dream interpreter in his dream, then he might need to find a qualified interpreter in wakefulness to satisfy his needs. (Also see Astrologer; Divination; Fortuneteller; Founder; Interpretation; Seer)

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  • He should show sincerity and submission to Allah to guide him to the correct interpretation.
  • He should listen carefully to the dream and understand all its details.
  • He should inquire about the dreamer’s background, and should have the wisdom and ability to distinguish between people’s status and condition so as to modify the interpretation accordingly.
  • He should deal only with dreams that have an apparent value as glad tidings, warnings, or guidance; and should avoid dealing with other dreams that appear to be mixed-up medleys.
  • He should realize the seriousness of dream interpretation, and that it is at the level of giving fatwa in matters of religion.
  • He should not rush to interpret a dream before having the chance to fully understand it and ponder over its possibilities.
  • He should have no hesitation to admit his limited knowledge and inability to interpret dreams that perplex him.
  • He should use the dream as a chance to advise the dreamer.
  • He should give the interpretation that he believes to be true, without trying to give a good interpretation for a bad dream.
  • He may withhold the interpretation of harmful dreams.
  • He should guard the dreamer’s secrets.
  • He should suppress any conceit about his skill — remembering that any correct interpretation is only by Allah’s guidance and favor.
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