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Anointing Home Crossing Train Track Sorting Junk Cellar Pouring Oil Family Members Habitation Cancer Diagnosis Rest Room Dead Aunt Casket Moving Spirals Gave Friend Cotton Balls Granadilla Tree Sword Spirals Su Dead Grandfather Asking Glass Water Herd Wild Elephants Hospital Dead Relative Ask Water Morning Suppository Self Mirror Pulling Tapeworm Body Pushing Bike Uphill Cleaning Anus Ring Sapphire Sex Fiance Pearl Millet Spoiled Penis Baby Gold Eyes Closer Caught Master Bating Late Mother Hold Hands Spoiled Holding Son Elephant Legs Enemy Pregnant 1stains Beetle Catch Fish Boyfriend Paying Lobola Kept Hostage Dead Person Washing Fighting Camel Someone Know Standing Table Late Husband Wearing Green Colugue Standing Table Gethering Fresh Okra Gethering Fresh Okra Ex Ejaculating Received Check Picking Kolanut Wounded Body Snake Red Weak Snake Panchmrit Black Chickpeas Magnetic Field Help Neighbour Twin Babies Beating Brother Fist Eyes Urad Daal Un Announcing Wedding Ladies Beating Brother Underground Satanic Organization Sr Santo Nino Going Underground Satanic Club Cant Leave Breaking Statue Ukuphupha Umemulo Dreamig Assava Uprooting Fur Shoes Pounding Fufu Cassava Tubers Cassava Tubers Small House Beds Working Night Mehram Beating Mad Woman Chewing Chewing Stick Lobola Negotiations Train Shark Told Attack Shapeshifter Animals Rewarding Dead Buying Mealie Meal Bag Ied Fiance Grabbed Cameroon Bed Graduation Gown Cameelion Crescent Star Green Flag Cleaning Grave Smell Perfume Symbol Fragrant Presence Christ Song Someone Stealing Perfume Someone Stealing Smell Perfume Symbol Fragrant Presence Christ Song Jagged Fingernail Snake Killing Mongoose Vice President Escaping Murderer Fighting Bow Arrors Cut Slippers Asked Widow Clean Husband Grave Buying Sachet Pure Water Dearm Someone Hiding Alcohol Someone Getting Personal Number Pecked Hen Pecked Hen Driving Chased Hen Pecked Killing Grasscuter 30dollars Voodoo Doll Rubbing White Feather Across Forehead Drinking Satchet Water Airplane White Feather Across Forehead Digging Earth Finding Lot Silver Coins Women Applied Tumeric Face Meeting Former Governor Bloody Teeth Puff Adder Snake Husband Mother Gathering Person Ed Away Given Sesame Seeds Trees Cut Cut Waist Downed Tree Rotten Lime Fruit Groups People Falling Gutter Someone Opening Doorsn Placedy Keys Padlock Open Door Holy Water Sprinkling Burying Someone Handkerchief Made Brother Blind Eating Cooked Yam Oil Feeding Birds Popcorn Popcorn Medicine Mixed Oil Buying Medicine Child Liver Imbalance Success Skating Tambourine Choked Needle Choked Needle Dead Person Giving Red Rose Twins King High Dignity Person Climb Palm Tree Eat Palm Fruit Corn Tortilla Receiving Fufu Mopane Worms Hogwarts Castle Sprinkling Water Someone Hiking Polluted Forest Buying Milk Milkman Red Tapestry Luggage Receiving Fufu Assign Rug Kidnapped Escaping Feast Mosque Homeless Cardinal Points Knowing Knowing Swordfish Point Umbrella Someone Whistling Attack Someone Umbrella Capricon Sarita Fruit Helping Married Friend Pound Fufu Talikng Cellphone Washing Window Husband Naked Hearing Sounds Washes Windows Wases Windows Chaotic Preschool Andefined Bug Creature Face Couple Sex Force Field Fall Mud Force Field Clear Water Pool Tidal Wave Ocean Sharping Pencil Holding Chicken Leg Cooked Chicken Leg Chicken Leg Collard Baked Chicken Leg Given Ball Fighting Lions Plucking Bitter Leave Hairy Knee Prince Harry Butterfly Shaped Christmas Lights Driving Beachn Driving Water Finding Surround Ed Water Get Missing Pinky Blond Yellow Highlights Hair Cur Stone Wall Stood Daughter New Hair Color Ex Friend Making Love Wet Termites Death Brides Coming Get Fully Tree Going Waterslides Children Loosing Teeth Girl Swimming Pool Barking Dog House Forest Wedding Shower Bridal Shower Deer Eating Rabbit Phobia Using Dirty Public Bathroom Gray Hankerchief Oroboro Hole Middel Ear Husband Another Wife Co Wife Holding Tray Shemale Avoacadj Tree Car Crash Tree Letter Lemur Looking Sitting Branch Couldn Get Upside Down Faced Dog Boyfriend Hiding Money Date Someone Like One Golden Teeth Dead Mother Cleaning Cooking Lemur Tree Couldn Get Brother Girlfriend Planting Rice Brother Girlfriend Person Gold Teeth Brothers Girlfriend Door Slamming Throwing Toothpick Ex Making Bed Ex Sucking Lollipop Saved Lot People Meat Loading Vehicle Buying Maggie Cake Cookin Sel Roti Argon Oil Thread Cotton Noodles Ingrown Toenail Grandmother Falling Lake Blithe Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy Taken Away Car Didn Take Enough Credits Graduate Forgot Locker Combination Swinging Bridge Arm Grabbed Sister Aeroplane Ground Coffin Underwear Someone Underwear Nothing Eyeglasses Looking Lap Bigger Real Life Lover Left Eyeglasses Burgundy Brown Plaid Eyeglasses Ied Eyeglasses Nightstand Watching Fish Head Two Headed Baby Maggots Hair Queen Intuition Elephant Toilet Paper Stuck Clothes Place Bad Memories Wild Forest Red Playing Cards Bieng Chased Goat Marcus Garvey Catfishing Made Woman Coming Vice President Pregnant Quadsn Havingm Boys Girl Green Foam Coming Mouth Bridemaifs Cinnamon Apple Smell Crawling Sailing Away China Wanting Held Back Mother Sailing Different Country Horses Defending Mother Sailing Electricity Power Adapter Double Adapter Church Attending Mass Gnome Hon Dead Fish Color White Cutting Fish Pisces Cutting Fish Maning Strange Lady Dancing White Tights Red Brick Wall Giving Money Dead Mother Picking Gathering Cashew Nuts Paralysis Child Slapping Butt Toertoise Lizard Gum Disease Waxed Hands Bird Ground Needed Watern Turn Woman Anaconda Leaving Body Slippers Found Someone Found Slippers Brought Cutting Half Tongue Buzzing Noise Elevator Rama God Saving Close Alaska Amputated Toe Sanitary Pad Blood Going Adventure Ex Asking Money Plaid Eyeglasses Menstruation Sun Kissed Cleaning Sister Feet Gas Station Fish Head Silver Fish Head Sick Person Recovered Guest Doctor Sucking Strangers Breast Money Money Refund Blindfolded Grinding Ogbono Ogbono White Long Hair Baby Bloody Hand Print Sketchbooks Sucks Breast Thunderstorm Relatives Home Licking Vagina Cloning Husband Buying Sugercane Sharing Give Mere Grandpa Cloth Line Paster Holding Hand Worn Down Teeth Teeth Pen Entering Vagina School Calvesca Front Tooth Loose Wife Standing Front Garage Door Tomatoes Someone Knew Plucking Side Burn Hair Exposing Son Wearing Heels Crazy Neighbor Charcoal Stove Corriander Drinking Tranquilizer Laundry Clean Dead Person Cooking Toy Rocket Dose Deceased Grandfather Nights Row Boths Replay Days Died Crying Black Pasta City Killself Killingself Lonely Face Dead Friend Air Strike Attack Burglary Riding Bike Naked Voice Family Rice Grinding Angel Says End Tie Die Pastor Calling Name Black Goddes Laxmi Gold Coin Cross Fillilng Tooth Falling Stair Railing Going Down Stairs Gorilla Attacking Dead Dog Ran Down Rabbit Hole Backyard Going Prison Immigration Immigration Issues Caught Committing Fraud High School Friends Confess Tell Truth Deceased Person Eating Leaving Carrots Plate Black Credit Card Committed Fraud Dilemma Whether Tell Truth Norway Clama Hopelessness Pea Rain Hopeless Hopless Beaten Teacher Son Wearing Heels Breathing Water Plants Dying Pictures Baby Wife Enemy Eating Liver Pig Snake Swallowing Goat Wearing Ill Fitting Clothes Polony Poliny Missing Steering Wheel Late Vow Renewal Late Vow Renewal Peel Egunsi Saw Panther Tiger Daughter Eloped Intestine Water Purple Sky Roasting Chicken Fire Family Friends Sky Turns Deep Purple Sitting Lover Daughter Eloped Sky Turns Purple Spiders Converse Husband Sky Turns Purple Car Lights Goes Driving Angry Car Lights Going Dark Car Lights Went Dark Dark Parking Lot Ing Toilet Engine Room Eating Bitter Cola Gehenzulassen Diagnosis Cance Wisdom Tv Series Mountain High School Acting Feet Black Plucking Velvet Tamarind Escape Burning Red Gold Handkerchiefs Drinking Filthy Water Driving Hill World Tipping Red Ten Fingers Hand Knee Painful Walking Knee Painful Walking Black Beads White Stone Hyraglyphics Witch Symbols Accident Near One Pregnant Angel Pregnant Step Daughtee Penis Forgotton Suitcase Parent Eating Pinecones Chanting Name Bleeding Abdomen Hiting Iron Iron Hiting Fire Unbtella Threatened Brimstone Noise Punishment Grave Visit Dead Granny Getting Lost Holiday Teeth Falling Tyrannical Government Amber Crystal Impartation Palm Oil Pot Already Cooked Camper White Rock Templesteps Temple Steps Kida Solemn Dress Preparing Sorghum Fleas Hair Recieving New Saree Dead Person Revivies Stranger Dead Comes Back Life Tie Goat Stalker Devil Burning Fighting Mad Woman Eating Perewinkle Model Ships Rotting Tooth Falls Purging Wake Seeself Purging Holly Eucharist Burning