one is paralysed is similar. It depicts the paralys­ing effects, either of fears we have or of what we have imag­ined as real in the way described, we may be ‘paralysed’ by feelings of guilt or inadequacy; internal conflict paralyses us.

The healing of the paralysed man by Christ represents this removal of guilt, shame or fear by contact with the self.

Dreaming in a dream is of significant importance; research details

To dream that you are dreaming, signifies your anxious emotional state. You are quite worried and fearful about a situation that you are going through currently.

To dream that you consult anyone about your dreams shows that you may expect news from a distance.

1. Difficulty in taking emotions seriously.

2. Urge to con­trol the unconscious mind (as in “setting the stage” where the dreamer creates the dream).

3. Express a desire to obtain seem­ingly impossible things.

4. Worries and sorrow.

A type of lucid experience or an OBE. (See Part One: Programmed and Lucid Dreaming).

A memory. Dreaming that you’re dreaming can be an alternative way of recalling images from past dreams. Watch, and let this vision play itself out like a good movie, then recall the details like any ordinary dream.

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