(Pharmacy) If a sick person sees a drugstore in his dream, it means recovering from his illness.

If your dream involved a drugstore, it indicates that you would benefit from a change of scene. Maybe you should consider changing your social group, or even switching schools or jobs.

1. Changes are in order, beneficial.

2. Possible illness, need for relief.

3. Avoidance is somehow being aided and abetted.

Your speculations will turn out favorably if you dream of entering or working in a drugstore.

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The Fabric of Dream

A dream of illness (Gypsy). Obviously a dream inspired by the subconscious knowledge of need.... The Fabric of Dream

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision + Depth Psychology: If you are about to enter a drugstore: a warning to pay more attention to your health—if neglected, it might be in danger. Being sick and walking into a drugstore: recuperation is possible. This dream might also indicate your having to pay too much money for something.

If you are the pharmacist: you would like to be wealthy.... Dreamers Dictionary

New American Dream Dictionary

Concern about health. ... New American Dream Dictionary
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