Drums, Dream Interpretation

İndication of marching to a different drummer; i.E. One who will not conform to an established pattern

To dream of playing the drums signifies that you will achieve a prestigious position and have much fame in life.

To see a set of drums in your dream means you are a very likeable person.

To hear the beat of a drum in your dream foretells of a distressed friend calling for your aid. Also see “Drum Sticks”, below.

It is a fortunate omen to hear Drums in your dreams. You will gain great success.

Heard in a dream, the sharp, staccato beat of drums is a forerunner of the successful outcome of plans that have been made over a long period.

The muffled beat of drums dimly heard in a dream is a portent of tragic happenings to someone of whom you are fond.

Drums | Dream Interpretation

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