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Being a busybody, Prov. 17:9, 20:19

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In a dream, eavesdropping means backbiting and lies. Perhaps the one who is eavesdropping on others may become despised by the ruler or his superior. On the other hand, if one sees himself in a dream inadvertently listening to a conversation, and if the one seeing the dream is a merchant, it means that he will resign from the leadership of his business, and ifhe is a ruler, it means that he will be removed from his post.

If one sees himself harkening to another person in a dream, it means that he desires to defame him or expose his pitfalls.

If one sees himself listening to some talks of which he follows the better avenues in the dream, it means that he will receive glad tidings.

If one sees himself listening to admonition but ignoring it in a dream, it means that he lies as a habit.

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To dream that you are eavesdropping indicates that you need to pay closer attention in your waking life to what you are being told. Your dream may also be telling you to be more open to hearing the guidance and/or criticism of others.

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To dream that you are secretly listening to the conversation of other people is a sign that some unexpected good fortune is coming to you.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

Listening in secretly on a conversation not meant for your ears is a fortunate augury for those who are pi inning a change in their business.

The chances are all in favor of its being successful.

Eavesdropping | Dream Interpretation

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Vision+ Depth Psychology: Listening or eavesdropping behind a closed door: don’t be so nosy—you are only harming yourself. Instead, listen to yourself and what you think.... Dreamers Dictionary

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