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Dreams of the ego represent your unconscious desire for fusion and integration with your shadow and light, humanity and spirituality.

The exposure of the ego in all of its grandiosity, defensiveness, and outrageous demands is very healthy, as long as your intent is wholeness and integration.

Ego | Dream Interpretation

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A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Gnffith, Miyago and Tago give 34 types of dream themes, from falling to being hung by the neck.

For the lay dreamer it is more useful to put dreams into much broader categories such as psychological. ESP, body, sexual, spiritual and problem solving. In researching the data for this book, some special cluster of dream themes were no­ticed.

For instance a cluster was noted in women past middle age, they dreamt of walking in a town and losing their hus­band. Description of these clusters can be seen in son and husband under family; losing teeth under body; flying; secret room under house; dead people; individuation. See also dream as meeting place; dream as spiritual guide; dream as therapist and healer; sex in dreams; ESP in dreams. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


New American Dream Dictionary

Insecure. ... New American Dream Dictionary


The Complete Dream Book

To dream of eggs signifies gain and profit, especially to physicians, painters, and to those which sell and trade with them.

To others it is good to have little store of them; for plenty of them signifies care, pain, noise, and lawsuits.

To dream you see broken eggs is a very ill sign, and signifies loss to the party dreaming.... The Complete Dream Book


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Trustworthy guardian, watchman... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


My Dream Interpretation

To dream about playing with Lego foretells family happiness.

To dream that you are made of Lego means you are searching for comfort and security. Or, you may feel like someone is toying with your emotions.... My Dream Interpretation


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Literal negotiations may be beneficial... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

The word scapegoat actually comes from the sacrificing of a goat to appease the gods, and in dreams this symbol can be highly relevant.

If in our dream we are the scapegoat for someone else’s action then we are being turned into a victim. Other people maybe trying to make us pay for their misdcmcanours.

If we are making another person a scapegoat then this indicates a blame shift, and that we are not taking responsibility for our own actions.

Often in families and teams one member takes the brunt of all the projections from the rest of the family or group. He (or she) is continually belittled or laughed at. and can be blamed for all sorts of things which are not their fault. They become the scapegoat. In dreams, however, there is recognition that there is an aspect of cooperation and collaboration in the dreamer. We need to do something to redress the balance, and often the solution can only come from us.

3- This represents the sacrificial victim, dying that others might live.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Dream Meanings of Versatile

See victim... Dream Meanings of Versatile

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