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Chine Dream Interpretation

You or you see someone distribute umbrellas: a sad separation is underway... Chine Dream Interpretation

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

In dreams umbrellas usually symbolize the device that the conscious mind uses to protect itself from the unconscious. Umbrellas might symbolize our unwillingness to deal with negative emotions, psychological baggage, or trauma.

If the umbrella is opened, you may be protecting yourself from unconscious materials.

If the umbrella is closed, then you may be prepared and be willing to deal with the unfamiliar psyche. Old dream interpretations say that the umbrella is the symbol of security.

If the umbrella is broken or turned inside out, your ultimate achievement is possible but delayed.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Psycho Dream Interpretation

Dreams about umbrellas and parasols denote difficulties and misunderstandings.

If it is raining the Umbrella represents a friend who will help solve t he difficulties.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

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