To dream of an empress suggests that you will receive reward and recognition but your inflated ego will cause others to back away from you.

Authority figure.

Dreams of an Empress represents feminine power, status, rank, service, and sovereignty.

An empress represents the ego and a desire to impress.

The Empress also represents your feelings toward your mother, nurturing, and your creative impulses. See Queen.

To dream of an empress, denotes that you will be exalted to high honors, but you will let pride make you very unpopular.

To dream of an empress and an emperor is not particularly bad, but brings one no substantial good.

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Vision: The emperor represents your father.

If you see both emperor and empress, they represent your parents. What the emperor or empress is doing is important for getting specific information about the dream’s meaning.

If you are the emperor or the empress: don’t set your hopes too high. Being a servant at the court of an emperor means support from a person of authority.

Depth Psychology: Being the emperor or the empress: you are expecting too much and will face disappointments. See King.... Dreamers Dictionary