An eraser may comment on the need to clear up some mistakes that you made that may take some diligent action to cancel out. As a play on words, it may humorously be telling you to “erase sir,” or stop referring to someone’s position as a supreme authority.

Symbolic of expunging mistakes, Ps. 34:16 NLT

To undo something, to get rid of something, to repress and forget facts. Faulty and indecisive actions.

1. Means are available to erase mistakes.

2. Mistakes need to be cleared up.

(see Writing)

Wishing to negate something as if it never existed, or correct a mistake totally.

Your own ability to rectify a situation that has been haunting you. Look to see what words or pictographs get erased for more interpretive value.

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My Dream Interpretation

Using an eraser in your dream warns of an upcoming social embarrassment. Be very careful not to gossip now, because you could end up being the one whose reputation ends up damaged.... My Dream Interpretation