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Keywords of this dream: Excavating Homesite


New American Dream Dictionary

1. Trying to dig up facts.

2. Trying to get to the funda­ mental cause of something.

3. Need to work on oneself. ... New American Dream Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: If you are digging up soil or a tree: a difficult task ahead. At the same time, such a dream indicates that you are working very hard and your task will be profitable. Dreaming of “unearthing” one (or more) dead people: a bad conscience. You are either surrounded by deceitful people or you are leading a less than honorable life. See Death.

Depth Psychology: The act of excavating can be proverbial in its meaning: the soul of the dreamer is “excavating” something from the unconscious, such as secret character traits—vour own or someone elses. Suddenly you are remembering something that was forgotten or repressed, which is the reason for your emotional difficulties.... Dreamers Dictionary

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