Exile, Dream Interpretation

Punishment designed to purge you of wicked behavior in lieu of death, Jer. 29:1-16

(See Expulsion)

Feelings of estrangement and abandonment. Longing to belong. Or are you seeing a part of you that you have “condemned into exile”.7 Repression. See Hermit and Asylum / Exile.

Folklore: Luck.

To dream that you have been sent away signifies that your lot will be cast largely in foreign parts.

1. Not rightfully belonging to a group.

2. Fear of being fired.

Dreams of exile represent disdain for an aspect of yourself. Keep in mind, what you suppress must express. See Castration and Integration Dreams.

For a woman to dream that she is exiled, denotes that she will have to make a journey which will interfere with some engagement or pleasure. See Banishment.

Exile | Dream Interpretation

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Having committed a crime against society; bad conscience, often due to tax evasion.... Little Giant Encyclopedia
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