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If one’s eyelids are healthy in his dream and particularly for a women, it indicates positive developments in her life.

If one’s eyelids have little skin, or if they are bleared, or if they develop sores in the dream, they represent difficulties, agony, anger, sickness or distress. Eyelids in a dream also represent one’s defenses and protection. They also represent one’s teacher, brothers, sisters, family, wife, children, coffer, veil, guards, confidant or trustees. Eyelids in a dream also mean something to be overlooked. Having bleared eyelids in a dream means being in love. Ifone’s eyes are interpreted to represent his wealth, then they mean protection, or paying alms tax.

If the outer edge of the eyelid turns white in a dream, it means an illness affecting one’s head, eyes or ears. (Also see Body’)

Eyelid | Dream Interpretation

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An omen of trouble among those around you. Watch carefully and help if you can.... Mystic Dream Book

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