Vision: If you are fencing (with a rapier), it means a quarrel with friends and losing them.

Depth Psychology: Fencing might be a sign of wanting revenge, to get even.

For now try to stay away from fights and quarrels! See Dagger, Rapier.

If you dream of watching or participating in fencing (swordplay), you are ambitious and seek to hold a position of prestige, authority, and distinction.

To dream of a Fencing match denotes an adventure in which your wits will be your only weapon.

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Little Giant Encyclopedia

A symbol for narrowness and being deprived of freedom, as in Elevator, Village. Restrictions, however, are felt more strongly, similar to Sewer, Amber, Trap. On the other hand, this dream symbol can have positive meanings, particularly when the cage is seen from the outside. Then it usually is a symbol of protection and taming (of wild urges). In addition, the cage can also seem like fencing, because fences create protection, giving you the peace you are seeking.... Little Giant Encyclopedia
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