Flour, Dream Interpretation

An essential ingredient in one’s spiritual livelihood, i.E. God’s word is the “bread of life”

Vision: Grinding flour: you are bringing happiness to someone (consciously or unconsciously). Looking at a great amount of flour: your financial situation will improve considerably. Flour on your clothes: someone’s deception may cause you pain.

Depth Psychology: See Baker, Bread, Grain, Wheat.

(Wheat; Rice flour; Semolina) In a dream, flour means money or blessings. Semolina in a dream represent a husband who is compatible with his wife. Flour in a dream also means acquiring exalted knowledge, travels, money, shop, tools, castle, defense, religious nature, guidance, or recovering from an illness. However, eating it in a dream means poverty.

A bowl of wheat flour in a dream represents one’s savings, or it could represent one’s family and children. Mixing wheat flour to make bread in a dream means that a friend will travel to meet one’s family. Mixing and kneading whole-wheat flour in a dream means faith, deputyship and victory over one’s enemy. Flour in a dream means immediate profits, the surfacing of the truth and enjoying comfort after toiling.

Flour made of wheat or barley symbolises a person’s wealth which he had amassed. It means a life of ease and prosperity lies ahead of him Eating flour is better than bread since bread is subjected to the heat of fire.

To see flour in your dream symbolizes a frugal but happy way of life. It also indicates hard work. This dream symbol may also be a pun on the word “flower”... did you recently receive flowers from someone? Do you hope to? Or could flowers mean something else to you?

It is not a good omen to buy or to use Flour in the course of your dream.

1. Wealth and prosperity through hard work, thriftiness and care.

2. Domestic happiness.

3. Thoughts or concerns over the ba­sic ingredients of life, usually emotional.

Dreams of flour represent that you are rising to the occasion and you are in the process of making some dough (money) and elevating in status as you do something you love.

To dream of flour, denotes a frugal but happy life.

For a young woman to dream that she sees flour on herself, denotes that she will be ruled by her husband, and that her life will be full of pleasant cares.

To dream of dealing in flour, denotes hazardous speculations.

Flour | Dream Meanings

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

It symbioses excessive wealth. Prosperity and a comfortable life is in store for the one who eats it.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Islamic Dream Interpretation

In a dream, rice flour means a blessing or a favor. (Also see Flour)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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