A baptismal font is a symbol both of acceptance into a spiritual life and of a washing away of the past and of initiation into a new way of being.

Psychological / emotional perspective: The two meanings of font come together on an emotional level. As a font is a receptacle for water it suggests feeling and security, as a typeface used in printing it suggests knowledge.

Material aspects: The commercial meaning of font as a form of lettering can give rise to images in dreams particularly in relation to the workplace.

To be changing a font would suggest doing things differently, whereas not being able to load the correct font suggests a difficulty in getting matters into perspective.

Another dream connected with the inside of a sacred building. It is not a fortunate omen.

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A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Death and resurrection; infinity; old fonts and baptis­tries are octagonal because of the association with regenera­tion. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

The Language of Dreams

Tossing a coin into: Your wishes and hopes

A font of creativity 7 , wisdom, ideas, or knowledge that lies within just waiting to be tapped.

Because of the water element here, this can represent your emotions, or possibly the subconscious, into which your dream effectively lowers the bucket.

A source of healing. Sacred wells dotted the land in Old Europe. Sick people would travel to them and bathe in the water hoping the well’s nature spirits would grant rejuvenation.

Falling into a well reflects a sudden force or situation that propels you into deep introspection, ‘lake care, however, in such a journey that you don’t forget where the rope lies so that you can return with your discoveries safe and sound.... The Language of Dreams

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