Dreams of a forum represent sharing, learning, expanding, growing in community; strength in numbers; exponential collective wisdom is here for you, accessible to you and within you now.

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Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

1- Dreaming of being in an arena either as a player or as a spectator highlights the fact that we may need to make the decision to move into a specifically created environment, one which gives more room for self-expression and creativity or theatricality.

2- We are developing a new focus of attention, or an area of conflict. This conflict may need to be brought out into the open, into open forum.

3- Today sport is often used as an energy release. Spiritually, an arena suggests a ritualised conflict.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

New American Dream Dictionary

1. If giving a speech, one is expressing long-repressed feel­ings for all the world to hear.

2. If listening to a speech, one is hearing feelings from another person previously rejected.

3. If making a speech at a conference and one is booed off the stage (or from whatever forum one is speaking from), one feels his/her ideas are not being accepted.

4. If one is speaking and is accepted, one is respected for one’s ideas. ... New American Dream Dictionary

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