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Controversial, unrestrained, unfinished

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Encyclopedia of Dreams

To dream of a large cable supporting a heavy weight denotes that you have a very hazardous job and is a warning to be extremely careful.

If the cable should be frayed, danger is imminent. But, if it is broken, or you see it break, then the danger you sense will be for another.... Encyclopedia of Dreams

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a cable symbolize that you are getting hooked up, fixed up or plugged into a love/partnership arrangement. You are either finding your creative outlet or finding a creative partnership for your business.

If the cable is strong, then it represents strength, stamina and durability in the partnership.

If the cable is frayed, then it represents vulnerability, weakness and fragility in the relationship. See Television, Communication, Plug and Wire.... Strangest Dream Explanations

My Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a cable car symbolizes your stamina and strength.

If the ride was smooth and pleasant, you have the durability to succeed in your goals.

If the cable was frayed or broken, this suggests a lack of strength or self-confidence.

If you felt endangered in your dream, this symbolzies discouraging prospects in love. You may need to be more cautious and sensible in some aspect of your life.

If you dream of escaping from the dangerous situation, you will rise to a high position in your social circle.... My Dream Interpretation

The Language of Dreams

(see Clothes, Needle, Sewing, Wool)

The metaphorical fabric of time, space, and dimensions in which your life represents one strand. Note, however, that each strand touches the others within this iveb directly or indirectly.

The substance of your foundational belief system. How does this fabric appear? Is it finely woven or full of holes?

Patterns in the fabric represent the cycles and patterns within your own life.

For example, regular geometric imprints can indicate a personality that is very ordered and constant.

Frayed fabric is symbolic of something coming apart, but you still have time to stop this progression. Find the loose ends and sew them up!... The Language of Dreams

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Adornment of additional favor; see “frayed”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Worn to do an enjoyable tasks; if cut off or frayed, see “short shorts”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Dream Meanings of Versatile

Material aspects: A rope can suggest strength and power, though the power can turn against us.

A rope and pulley suggests using the forces of weight to help us; a frayed rope signifies a lack of care.

If the rope is made of an unusual substance such as hair or material, or is fashioned in a strange way, this will be a representation of the uniqueness of the bonds we have.... Dream Meanings of Versatile

Strangest Dream Explanations

To dream of sewing signifies that you are mending the past, forgiving someone, making amends for transgressions, as well as stitching together relationships that have become frayed. Also, dreams of sewing denote your ability to manifest the things in life that you desire and require. You are realizing that you reap what you sew. See Seamstress.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

İnadequate covering of protection; see “legs”; if frayed, see “frayed”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

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