Figurative of spiritual flaws; of no literal connotation

Vision: Seeing someone with freckles: you are afraid that people believe your mistakes and vices are “written all over your face.”

Depth Psychology: Freckles are a sign that you are worried about your mistakes and weaknesses—you believe you are “marked” by them.

(Blotches; Speckles) Freckles in a dream represent crimes or sins one has committed just for the sake of making money.

To dream of having freckles or noticing them on others is a sure sign of popularity with the opposite sex.

1. Indicator of sexual attractiveness; many freckles mean a lot of love.

2. Unpleasant events occur or are recalled from ado­lescence.

For a woman to dream that her face is freckled, denotes that many displeasing incidents will insinuate themselves into her happiness.

If she sees them in a mirror, she will be in danger of losing her lover to a rival.

One or more freckles seen in a mirror by a young married woman is a portent of her losing her lover through the conspiracy of one she considered her friend.

You will be admired and sought for your cheerful and sunny disposition if you dream of seeing freckles on someone else’s face or hands.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Freckles; Piebald)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of freckles symbolize the kiss of an angel, a blessing, and good luck.

If you dream of someone with freckles and you find them attractive, then this person represents a child or an angel. However, if you find the freckles unattractive or unappealing, then it represents a mark or judgment against the person. Freckles are a tiny mark of imperfection, an acknowledgment that you are a perfectly imperfect, fallible human being.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(See Freckles)... Islamic Dream Interpretation
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