A female sexual symbol. Obstacles are in your way. You must reach down and deal with your shadow.

The opposite of plow.

A city persons romantic longing for the natural country life, as in Field, Ear of corn, and Farm.

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Productive stage in life, particularly when the furrows are clearly visible. It may be the symbol of a fertile woman or mother (Gaia, the earth mother, and also Demeter). Pointing toward work (one has to work the field). Hard, crusty clods indicate problems or paralysis.

For people living in a city, it is often also the symbol of rustic romanticism, similar to Farmer, and Furrow, wanting to escape from the city, becoming interested in the country for environmental reasons.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Changing and loosening up one’s lifestyle. According to Freud, and also most other dream interpreters, plowing means intercourse (see also Furrow). Plowing, as well as Sowing, is one of the many late- medieval sexual rituals. See Fools.... Little Giant Encyclopedia
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