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Symbolic of high command, 1 Sam. 8:12 NLT

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Vision: Seeing a general in your dream is either a warning about too much arrogance, a demand for obedience, or a sign that you will meet a person in a high position. Seeing vourselt as the general means you will be given a responsible task.

If you have contact with a general: a person in high position or a high official will sponsor you. See Military, Uniform.

Depth Psychology: The general in a dream is usually a sign of marital problems. Find out who is playing the “general,” who gives the orders. It may also be the “general’’ inside you who makes decisions about how to use your emotional energies.

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You are coming into your authority, paying attention to your position in life, taking orders from your higher self, saluting your divinity, standing in your power and taking responsibility for your life. See Military.

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Commander; Military) In a dream, an army general or a commander represents someone famous who is self assured and dauntless.

If one sees himself as an army general in a dream, and should he qualify for such a position, it means prosperity, honor and blessings.

If one does not qualify for such a position, then it may mean his death.

If a poor person sees himself as an army general in a dream, it means disturbances and that he will raise his voice. As for a prisoner, it means his release from jail.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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See Chief, except more aggressive or authoritarian. See Ruler.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


Islamic Dream Interpretation

When two separate things with opposing interpretations are seen in a dream then the stronger or better of the two interpretations will be given. As an example is a person sees a bathroom and himself as removing hair using a lotion or lime-whereas a bathroom represents grief and sorrow and removing hair using a lotion or lime represents the removing of grief and sorrow- it means that his grief and sorrow will be removed, for the dream of removing hair using lime or lotion is regarded as stronger or better.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Little Giant Encyclopedia

Reliable help that, if received often, is an aid when descending from a tower or a high building. Aid when one is fleeing. But also a symbol for bonding as well as being tied up. Dreams about a rope always have something to do with security, similar to Anchor and Buoy.

Rope / Cord. Obstacle dream; or desiring or needing to connect with somebody / something. Despair (the rope that you hang yourself with, the rope of the gallows).... Little Giant Encyclopedia

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