Today you can also easily understand the meaning of a collection or series of dreams by reading and translating the basic dream symbols that appear in each dream within the collection.

This collection can be made up of dreams over a period of time of two or three months or more.

This is called dream analysis, where you compare one dream with another, analyzing the general meaning of the dream collection, which is much more important than the meaning of each separate dream.

The real analysis is done with a large collection of dreams. As the dream translator automatically translates the most important dream symbols that appear in each dream, they understand the basic meaning of each dream as well as the general meaning of all the dream messages together.

There is a sequence in the dream messages, because they are like chapters of a book or episodes in a series. So, if you are able to follow all the episodes at once, you will see the general intention of the unconscious mind by sending you all these dreams over a certain period of time.

This is a real revelation! You will discover many things about yourself, your life and your future by using dream analysis to  find the general meaning of the precious information given to you in your dreams.