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To dream of ginger suggests your contentment and safety in life. However, you may need to bring more adventure and opportunities to your life.

To dream about ginger suggests that you need to add some more excitement and variety to you life.

One’s life needs spice added.

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If you’ve dreamt of ginger recently, you may discover that your zest for life and passionate interests are increasing.

Faithfulness: In the Koran, only the steadfast believers enjoy ginger-flavored beverages in paradise.

Honoring the gods. In China ginger was used as part of offerings, and in the Middle East it was favored for communing with the Divine.

Affection. When consumed, ginger generates a warm, cozy feeling within.

Assimilating new ideas or becoming more comfortable with a situation. Medicinally, ginger is an excellent aid to digestion.

If the ginger is consumed in the dream, this may represent purging figurative poisons from your system. Pythagoras recommended ginger for similar medicinal uses long ago.

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To dream of eating or baking gingerbread foretells a family celebration.... My Dream Interpretation