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Unexpected difficulty has suddenly appeared.

Gorge | Dream Interpretation

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The Complete Dream Book

(See Insects).

A white butterfly on the wing predicts much innocent pleasure with one of the opposite sex.

If the butterfly alights, even for a moment, it means that lasting love will be yours.

Butterflies of gorgeous colors indicate that someone you thought indifferent loves you deeply.

A black butterfly betokens inconstancy on the part of your sweetheart.... The Complete Dream Book

Chine Dream Interpretation

You enjoy your meal and drink on the terrace of a gorgeous restaurant: you can expect to enjoy your rising social status and increased wealth • You crack seeds: you’ll have a wonderful child • You eat well cooked meat: yo... Chine Dream Interpretation

The Fabric of Dream

Rise to honor and dignity; gorgeous state awaits this dream (Gypsy). The ermine symbolizes royalty.... The Fabric of Dream

New American Dream Dictionary

1. To disgorge or express repressed emotions.

2. A process of cleansing—usually emotions, often buried memories.

3. Poor reputation.

4. False or self-serving behaviors in others is re­vealed (to see others vomiting). ... New American Dream Dictionary

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