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That which has an irritating effect is rubbing one the wrong way

Grater | Dream Interpretation

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Islamic Dream Interpretation

A turban generally symbolises authority.

The extent to which a turban is fastened around the head represents the extents to which a person would enjoy his authority.

The longer his turban the grater his authority.... Islamic Dream Interpretation

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

The wind in your dream could be symbolic of your own spirit or the life force.

The wind may represent changes in your life.

The greater the force of the wind, the grater the change.

A very gusty wind could represent stress and turmoil but also the energy that you need or have to make changes.

The sound of the wind and the movement of objects around you are probably what alert you to the wind in the dream, rather than a sensation of wind on your skin (most people don’t have tactile experiences in their dreams).

The sound of the wind is considered by some to be special because it is a sound of nature and has spiritual significance.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

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