Gun, Dream Interpretation

See weapons.

Penis, male sexuality; anger, confidence in defending oneself against criticism, etc.; fears or anxieties; attitudes we use as a defence against our own emotions or realisations—a man might feel depressed about growing old, and defend himself against this with positive thoughts; also the bulldozer emotions we sometimes use against others, like a pistol held to their head. When shot by gun: feeling hun, wounded; fear of sex. Idioms: shot in the arm; shot across the bows; shot to pieces; shot in the dark; long shot.

As a lethal weapon in the hand of a shadow character, a gun may express the threat of annihilation. As its shape is somewhat like a phallus, a gun may also represent destructive and aggressive male power.

A gun that will not go off could point to your feelings of powerlessness in a challenging situation.

A force of ejection, i.E. “Shooting off one’s mouth”, etc.; An unsuccessful attempt to fire is impotency

In Freudian dream analysis, a symbol for physical passion.

If the dreamer is the one doing the shooting, then he is consciously or unconsciously searching for a partner.

If the dreamer is the one being shot, someone out there feels desire for him.

The release, or need for release, of pent-up anger. Again, if the dreamer is doing the shooting, she needs to control her temper and find a positive way to release her anger.

If she is the victim, then someone is angry with her.

Something important coming up, implying a need to “get out the big guns.” Astrological parallel: Mars/Uranus combinations Tarot parallel: The Tower

The symbolism here reverts to a basic attribute – that of overt masculinity and a strong degree of aggression. Such an attribute can be a positively spiritual one in that truth is incontrovertible and has to be dealt with.

Psychological / emotional perspective: It will depend on the other circumstances in the dream how we interpret the use of a gun. We may be using it to protect those things we feel are important to us. Particularly in today’s climate of criminal culture, a gun can be seen as a badge of honour and in dreams may signify arrogance and power.

Material aspects: When under pressure in waking life, the gun in dreams can signify a particularly aggressive action and the result of that aggression. Obviously it can also signify both the actual sexual act and the result.

Gives gender - specific: If a woman is firing a gun she is aware of the masculine, aggressive side of her personality.

If she is being shot at she perhaps feels threatened by overt signs of aggression or sexuality.

For a man to be being shot suggests conflict which may, in fact, be territorial.

A dream of guns of any type is a dream of misfortune as it denotes an injustice will be done to you or a close friend, on which you will have to spend much time, effort, and money to overcome.

If you see yourself loading a gun you should be careful to guard your temper well.

Phallic symbol, penis.

Guns are generally tied in with arguments and disagreements: small guns (such as handguns) are for small arguments; large guns for big arguments.

If you hear a gunshot, an argument involving you will soon develop.

If you shoot a gun, you will be the cause of the argument.

If someone shoots a gun at you (regardless of whether they hit you or miss), it means you will be badly hurt by a coming argument. See also Shooting.

To dream about a gun may mean you feel pressured by a male person in your life. It can also represent anxiety and the need for protection. Also see “Shot”.

To hear the report of a Gun is an omen of illness concerning some loved one, but it will pass away.

If you hear several reports, the illness will last for a longer period.

If you yourself fire the Gun, you will be the invalid concerned.

1. Perception of a problem where only a very difficult solution will solve it.

2. A feeling of being threatened.

3. Worry about the neighborhood one lives in.

4. If one is loading a gun, anger is building.

5. Hidden aggressiveness.

6. Hidden power.

To hear the noise of a gunshot warns the dreamer of mismanagement.

To dream of shooting a person foreshadows dishonor.

The gun, like the pistol, revolver, dagger, or knife, is, by some analysts, considered the sex symbol of the male organism. Hence, the translations of any such dreams can pertain to a sexual impulse.

Dreams of a gun represents a desire for power over life and death, and that you are feeling desperate about asserting your boundaries to get what you need or want.

also see Weapons

1- In dreams the gun has an obvious masculine and sexual connotation.

If a woman is firing a gun she is aware of the masculine, aggressive side of her personality.

If she is being shot at she perhaps feels threatened by overt signs of aggression or sexuality.

2- It will depend on the other circumstances in the dream how we interpret the use of a gun. We may be using it to protect those things we feel are important to us.

3- The svmbolism here reverts to a more base attribute that of overt masculinity.

This is a dream of distress. Hearing the sound of a gun, denotes loss of employment, and bad management to proprietors of establishments.

If you shoot a person with a gun, you will fall into dishonor.

If you are shot, you will be annoyed by evil persons, and perhaps suffer an acute illness.

For a woman to dream of shooting, forecasts for her a quarreling and disagreeable reputation connected with sensations.

For a married woman, unhappiness through other women.

If a woman dreams of shooting at a target, it is a sign that she will be involved in sensational escapades. Such escapades are likely to be connected with jealousy and so this dream should be regarded as a warning against suspicion.

To hear the report of a gun denotes the death of a friend, a slander, enmity and loss (Gypsy).

Gun | Dream Interpretation

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Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Offensive words that will come to nothing... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Mystic Dream Book

To have one given you, means an enemy.

To fire it, is a warning to postpone decisions for a day or two.... Mystic Dream Book

New American Dream Dictionary

One feels under attack, but is ready to fight back. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Arms) In a dream, a gun salesman is like a police officer and represents an oppressor in general. (Also see Gunsmith)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Warrior... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

Serious combatants. ... New American Dream Dictionary

New American Dream Dictionary

1. One is hostile toward someone.

2. One is outraged. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Gypsy Dream Dictionary

There is a plot developing to overthrow you; to cast you out of an important position you hold.

The plotters are people you had thought to be your friends. See also Powder Flask.... Gypsy Dream Dictionary

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing gunpowder is a warning: stop whatever you are doing or have planned to do right away. Handling gunpowder: you are about to get involved in an adventure that is inherently dangerous. See Cannon, Shooting.... Dreamers Dictionary

Mystic Dream Book

To a man, this dream means a speedy change of residence; to a girl, a wedding with a soldier... Mystic Dream Book

Christian Dream Symbols

(rifles, assault weapons, pistols) to dream of having a gun is symbolic of being armed with the word of God.

To have a gun pointed at you is symbolic of being under attack by spiritual enemies or people. Guns are also symbolic of the weapons people use against each other (curses, lies, mischief, slander, and insults) Ps. 10:7 ... Christian Dream Symbols

The Bedside Dream Dictionary

The gun in your dream could represent several different things, so please pay attention to the details and to the mood of the dream.

The gun could symbolize the male sex organ, aggression, harshness, and fear. This dream may have sexual connotations, or your unconscious mind may be telling you not to harbor your negative feelings but express them more freely before they become explosive. On the more positive side of things, the gun could simply represent your need to protect yourself either emotionally or physically or both.

If the gun in the dream is used to hurt or kill you or someone else, please consider your current difficulties, hostile feelings or serious arguments, which you may have within yourself or with others. See Also: Shooting, Blood... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

A dream of guns of any type is a dream of misfortune as it denotes an injustice will be done to you or a close friend, on which you will have to spend much time, effort, and money to overcome.

If you see yourself loading a gun you should be careful to guard your temper well.... Tryskelion Dream Interpretation

The Complete Dream Book

Shots from guns, either big or little, foretell sudden changes in your financial condition, for better or for worse.

Seeing big guns in a foit or on a battleship is a sign that you will meet a person of importance.... The Complete Dream Book

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of being in a battle with spiritual enemies... Christian Dream Symbols

Islamic Dream Interpretation

(Arm) In a dream, a gunsmith represents war, arguments, or victory. (Also see Gun salesman)... Islamic Dream Interpretation

New American Dream Dictionary

Situation is going to result in a fight. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Searching for trouble that is usually none of their business; see “gun”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited

New American Dream Dictionary

Well-equipped for a battle. ... New American Dream Dictionary

Christian Dream Symbols

Symbolic of harmful words or spiritual weaponry ... Christian Dream Symbols

Dreamers Dictionary

Vision: Seeing or hearing a machine gun: someone around you feels guilty—and rightfully so—for what he/she has done. Firing a machine gun represents repressed aggression or the sign of a bad conscience.

The dream is a way of relieving tension.

Depth Psychology: See Pistol, Rifle, Weapon.... Dreamers Dictionary

Psycho Dream Interpretation

During the war or in military service it is natural to dream of guns, but apart from these situations the machine gun can be considered a symbol of the male sexual organ. See Gun.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

Little Giant Encyclopedia

Masculine sexual symbol, and a symbol tor aggression always connected to power and achievement.

The dangers and the potentialities of self-determination are emphasized here. It also means: come to the point; hit your target—or better not hit it—and conclude something or begin something new.... Little Giant Encyclopedia

Strangest Dream Explanations

Dreams of a shot gun represent intimidation, force and that you perhaps feel backed into a corner. This dream could also signify that you feel forced to do the responsible thing, as in a “shot gun wedding”. See Gun.... Strangest Dream Explanations

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

To dream of a shotgun, foretells domestic troubles and worry with children and servants.

To shoot both barrels of a double-barreled shotgun, foretells that you will meet such exasperating and unfeeling attention in your private and public life that suave manners giving way under the strain and your righteous wrath will be justifiable. See Pistol, Revolver, etc.... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Psycho Dream Interpretation

See Gun.... Psycho Dream Interpretation

My Dream Interpretation

If you dream of aiming or shooting a water gun at someone, you them to notice your feelings.

If you dream that someone confronts you with a water gun, maybe they are trying to tell you something that you’re not hearing, or you might feel that person is pushing their feelings onto you.... My Dream Interpretation

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