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If you dream of doing gymnastics, you may have bad luck with some kind of agreement, deal, swap, trade or sale that you are making in real life.

If you dream of watching others do gymnastics, your mind is trying to figure out how to deal with a complicated or confusing problem in real life.

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Any violent exercise is a dream of contrary. Your plans will fail, because you will not b« able to put sufficient energy into your work.

Gymnastics | Dream Interpretation

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The meaning of this dream varies according to its detail.

If you watched an acrobatic performance, it would be wise to postpone any long-distance travel for at least a week.

If you performed the gymnastics yourself, you will overcome your present difficulties sooner than you expect.

If you dreamed of a friend or relation doing the acrobatics, it is a warning to look out for deception by the person involved.

To observe an acrobatic accident or failure is a dream of contrary; you will have a lucky escape from danger.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary

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