Hammock, Dream Interpretation

As a resting place between two trees, a hammock may comment on the need for leisure time in nature. It may also point to someone you consider to be lazy.

If you are lying in a hammock by yourself, it is a sign of selfishness.

To be lying in one with someone of the opposite sex means you will be attending a social function.

To dream of lying in a hammock warns that your selfishness in personal affairs could drive off a friend you value.

If you were in a hammock with someone of the opposite sex, your social life is going to improve.

If you fell out of the hammock, this warns not to take your romantic partner for granted.

An empty hammock symbolizes a minor loss.

This is a sign of a loss, and also of a gain of more value than the loss; probably to do with a lover.

Sitting in a hammock with one of the opposite sex is a warning against indiscreet conduct.

Sleeping in a hammock is a prediction of travel in foreign countries over a long period.

Hammock | Dream Interpretation

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