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Dreams of hardware represent tools of change, power and resources. You are realizing your ability to construct, remodel and repair your life the way you desire it to be.

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Ariadne's Book of Dream

An Ace Hardware store as the setting of a dream may symbolize your search for self-realization and a quest for wholeness. Ace equates with looking out for number one. Roaming the aisles of an Ace Hardware store may offer you the tools of your trade.... Ariadne's Book of Dream

New American Dream Dictionary

1. A need or desire to fix things up, set them straight—often to repair or adjust attitudes and modes of be­havior, usually to improve emotional quality of life.

2. Possible feelings of sexual inadequacy, need for improvements.

3. Diffi­culties in relationships, a need for repairs (as in to “patch things up”). ... New American Dream Dictionary

Dream Symbols and Analysis

To dream of a hardware store says only one thing - that you need to take a deep look within you and consider a change of mindset and attitudes.... Dream Symbols and Analysis

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Visiting a True Value hardware store may suggest a search for intrinsic value. It may also indicate a search for tools or skills that are valuable for your work.... Ariadne's Book of Dream
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